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Adopt and Apply

The best thing about ValueSelling is that it’s simple. ValueSelling can be boiled down to 2 Vs and 2 Ps. So you can use it after you walk out of the classroom.


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Our programmatic approach ensures that you and your team can access pre-work and ongoing reinforcement, including these digital courses and tools:

eValueSelling Fundamentals eLearning

Now, you can quickly learn the essential components of the ValueSelling Framework® in less than 3 hours, anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming workshop or want to learn independently, eValueSelling Fundamentals® will meet your needs. Completely up to date with the latest adult instructional design principles, you will learn concepts in the context of real-world examples. From using the Qualified Prospect Formula™ to determine the health of your opportunity, to using the ValuePrompter® to prepare for your next call, this online course will help you take your sales results to the next level.

Training Options: Asynchronous eLearning
Program Duration: 2-3 hours total, each section is approximately 20 minutes

Course Outline:

Module 1: Engage

  • Power
  • O-P-C Questioning Process

Module 2: Qualify

  • Differentiated VisionMatch
  • Value
  • Qualified Prospect Formula®

Module 3: Advance

  • ValuePrompter®
  • Opportunity Assessment Tool
  • Anxiety Questions

Module 4: Close

  • Mutual Plan

Learning Outcomes:

  • Diagnose business issues and the value of resolving them
  • Quantify the tangible and intangible business and personal value of your solution
  • Use O-P-C questions to construct a VisionMatch
  • Use a ValuePrompter® before, during,
    and after a call
  • Apply the Qualified Prospect Formula®
    to identify opportunity gaps
  • Write mutual plans to advance and
    close opportunities




Executive Speak eLearning

Every sales professional wants to be considered a trusted advisor. And the first step is to understand the executive-level drivers. You must speak the language of business—the language of finance. Executive Speak® develops business acumen and increases financial literacy by teaching you how to think like an executive, predict a customer’s business issues, and then correlate ways in which your products and services impact the customer’s financial metrics. This award-winning program features the 360° Profile Builder™, a unique tool that helps turn information into insights and automatically populates a ValuePrompter®.

Training Options: Asynchronous eLearning
Program Duration: 2-3 hours total, each section is approximately 20 minutes

Course Outline:

Module 1: Learn to Speak to Executives

  • Build your business vocabulary

Module 2: Think Like an Executive

  • Reverse-engineer what a customer’s business issue might be

Module 3: Investigate Their Company and Industry

  • Use the 360° Profile Builder™ to investigate, predict, and prepare for sales calls

Module 4: Investigate Their Financial Health

  • Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows, Balance Sheet, and Ratios

Module 5: Investigate Their Key People

  • Understand corporate structure and reporting relationships

Uncover the path of authorization for purchases and who can approve projects

Module 6: Predict Business Issues, Problems, Value, and Power

  • Learn how to use research to predict a customer’s business issue and problems

Module 7: Prepare to Gain Access

  • Develop an AIM campaign to gain access to executive decision-makers

Module 8: Prepare to Establish Credibility

  • Learn the Credibility Story Formula
  • Rehearse your 30-second message

Module 9: Prepare Questions

  • Create O-P-C questions


Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to conduct in-depth research quickly and efficiently on a customer’s company
  • Understand how to read financial statements and gauge a company’s financial health
  • Encourage people in influential positions to help you gain executive access

ValueSelling@Work Microlearning Reinforcement eLearning

While working an opportunity, a rep can face numerous challenges. The key in keeping a deal moving forward is to use ValueSelling concepts consistently. ValueSelling@Work microlearning guides your team on the best ways to engage, qualify, advance, and close deals.

Use ValueSelling@Work to reinforce efficient sales habits that prime your revenue engine with more deals, higher win rates, faster onboarding, and time to revenue for new reps, greater sales productivity, and increased revenue growth.

Training Options: 3- to 5-minute microlearning topics
Program Duration: 14 to 28 weeks, depending on spacing of topics by 1 or 2 weeks

Topic Outline:

  • Applying the Opportunity Assessment Tool
  • Pre-Call/Next Call Planning with a ValuePrompter®
  • The Value of the Mutual Plan
  • Beginning with the End in Mind
  • Successfully Identifying Business Issues
  • Becoming a Problem Expert
  • Creating Solutions with Your Customers
  • Deliberate Differentiation
  • Uncovering Personal Value
  • Uncovering Business Value
  • Identifying Who Has Power
  • Bargaining for Access to Power
  • Using Anxiety Questions
  • Continuous Re-Qualification

The ValueSelling@Work Manager Coaching Guide offers group and 1:1 activities for each topic.


    Vortex@Work Microlearning Reinforcement eLearning

    Everyone says they’re busy, but busy doesn’t mean productive. Vortex@Work™ is designed to create focus, reinforce key concepts, and drive your team’s prospecting to greater heights.

    Use Vortex@Work™ to reinforce crucial sales habits that prime your revenue engine with more consistent activity and production from reps, better qualified leads and conversations, greater productivity and time management across teams, increased revenue and sales velocity, and enhanced confidence interacting with executive-level prospects.

    Training Options: 3- to 5-minute microlearning topics
    Program Duration: 14 to 28 weeks, depending on spacing of topics by 1 or 2 weeks

    Topic Outline:

    • Master Your Time
    • Develop the Right Mindset
    • Practice Proper Preparation
    • Reverse-engineer with the Prospecting Prompter
    • Execute with the Prospecting Prompter
    • Activate Your Sphere of Engagement
    • Phone Best Practices
    • Email Best Practices
    • Social Media Best Practices
    • Groups, Events, and Networking Best Practices
    • Create Outreach with AIM
    • Prime Your Prospect’s Memory
    • Create Cadences

    The Vortex@Work Manager Coaching Guide offers group and 1:1 activities for each topic.


      eValuePrompter CRM

      This cloud-based tool that integrates with any SFA or CRM system is an online playbook that empowers your teams to qualify prospects, conduct team selling, and execute a consistent sales process, more efficiently.

      Embed the ValueSelling Framework® into your existing CRM and daily sales process
      There is simply no better way to manage your opportunities than to enable the ValueSelling Framework® in the application where your sales reps already spend time managing and tracking their opportunities, accounts, and contacts.

      The eValuePrompter® is a cloud-based tool that integrates with any salesforce automation (SFA) or customer relationship management (CRM) system to:

      • Move opportunities forward. See where each deal is in the pipeline and what needs to be done to close them.
      • Improve adoption. Track who uses the methodology and the difference it makes in how your sales team delivers.
      • Measure performance. Maximize the return on your sales training and SFA/CRM investment.




      ValueSelling LIO Coach and Share Portal

      Social learning and formal learning combined: All in one LMS, ValueSelling LIO (Learn It Online). Spark a culture of continuous learning in your organization with the #1 enterprise social learning platform. ValueSelling Coach & Share brings social learning and content curation into a single, cohesive solution to provide a learning experience like no other.

      A single place to ask questions:
      Give thousands of people a single place to ask questions to your organization’s experts in real-time, encourage knowledge sharing, and drive collaborative learning.

      Let our Experts shine:
      Our ValueSelling Associates Experts share their knowledge. We capture insights and push out informal learning for others to learn in discussion forums, replicating the way information is shared on social media.

      Don’t just rely on eLearning, leverage informal content, too:
      Your learners decide what skills they want to develop, and LIO serves up related learning content to drive engagement and personal growth. See your most engaged learners in leaderboards and turn Q&A threads into engaging discussion boards.

      Drive business productivity with online learning:
      We encourage user-generated content to drive revenue. ValueSelling Associates can record webcams during webinars or screen-recorded demos, sales calls, success stories, strategies, and more—directly in LIO.

      Share knowledge across your business:
      LIO offers collaboration tools your salesforce needs to capture, share, and discover curated knowledge through social interactions across your organization.

      Accessible at point of need:
      Put ValueSelling Framework® knowledge in your salespeople’s hands whenever or wherever they need it—through desktop or mobile learning—and share information across remote teams within our social learning solution.


      ValueSelling On-Demand Video Coaching

      Salespeople can contribute their own content through ValueSelling Coach & Share on LIO (Learn It Online) Learning Management System by uploading YouTube links, website links, Google Drive documents, files from their mobile devices or computers, or by recording their screen.

      On-demand Video

      Use live and on-demand video to take member engagement to the next level—no matter where your salesforce is training. ValueSelling Associates can use video to lead training sessions, run consultations and check-ins, host online classes, and more.

      1-on-1 Sales Coaching Calls

      Boost motivation, deliver accountability, and stay connected to your ValueSelling Associate Expert, whether through live calls or though the mobile app, Go.Learn from Docebo.