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Keep it simple. Drive results.

ValueSelling Framework ® 101

Foundational Workshops

The best thing about ValueSelling is that it’s simple. ValueSelling can be boiled down to 2 Vs and 2 Ps. So you can use it after you walk out of the classroom.


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Part of the simplicity and scalability of ValueSelling courses is the use of a common language, which makes it easier for teams to communicate and continually focus on customer value. We offer a suite of interrelated ValueSelling courses tailored to the roles in your organization:

Sales and Customer-Facing

Leveraging the ValueSelling Framework® as foundational sales training, we work with teams across the enterprise to accelerate the process of finding, qualifying, educating, selling, and closing new opportunities.

All departments play a vital role in new customer acquisition and expansion of existing customers, yet they rarely share a common framework and language directed at accelerating each stage of the revenue funnel – until now.

Foundational Workshops

ValueSelling Framework®

Learn how to engage, qualify, advance, and close opportunities through value-focused questioning techniques in this engaging instructor-led workshop. Customized for sales teams and customer-facing professionals.

Leading organizations around the world choose the ValueSelling Framework sales methodology because it is a proven formula for accelerating sales results. The strength in ValueSelling is that it is a sales process that can be duplicated in every complex selling situation: B2B, B2C, B2G, regardless of the industry or deal size.

ValueSelling is simple and practical, so you can use it daily without having to unlearn or change everything you are currently doing. Learn how to: manage a business-focused conversation; uncover, articulate, and confirm the value buyers will receive by doing business with you; practice new skills that develop new habits.

Training Options: Instructor-led plus eValueSelling Fundamentals® eLearning program
Program Duration: 2-day workshop coupled with eLearning that takes less than 3 hours to complete

Course Outline:

  • How the world of selling has changed
  • Review eValueSelling Fundamentals®
    • Fundamental Principles
    • Qualified Prospect Formula®
    • Value Buying Process™
    • The ValuePrompter®
    • Opportunity Assessment Tool
  • Listen with O-P-C
  • Resolve the Business Issue
  • Create a VisionMatch™
  • Reverse-engineer differentiation
  • Craft Anxiety Questions
  • Uncover Business & Personal Value
  • Identify Power
    • Bargain for access
    • Triangulate to verify
  • Establish your credibility introduction
  • Create Value-based Stories
  • Write a Mutual Plan
  • Handle Objections

Learning Outcomes:

  • Assess opportunities quickly and effectively
  • Understand a buyer’s motivation
  • Identify and access the person with power
  • Prepare for a meeting with better questions
  • Differentiate your products and services
  • Develop a compelling introduction
  • Negotiate and close with confidence

Vortex Prospecting™

Use this repeatable, cadence-based approach to land more meetings. Applicable to account-based, market-based, geography-based, or tele-sales.

The ultimate success criterion for any salesperson is to get in front of a prospective customer and pursue a qualified opportunity. Yet, it’s the hardest thing to do. How do you effectively prospect in today’s market? Vortex Prospecting™ is a multi-channel, cadence-based approach that leverages emerging best practices in cold calling, social selling, email, and more to fuel top-of-funnel growth. Two separate call blocks provide a high-energy, hands-on learning experience.

Training Options: Instructor-led and Virtual Instructor-led Delivery
Program Duration: 2-day workshop coupled with eLearning that takes less than 3 hours to complete

Course Outline:

Module 1: Value-based Interruptions and Respectful Persistence

  • Develop Open-Probing-Confirming questions to increase engagement
  • Understand the optimal frequency for “touches”
  • Learn how to uncover what prospects find valuable through efficient research

Module 2: Vortex Sphere of Influence™ and Vortex Sphere of Engagement™

  • Understand and identify your company’s value-based position and assets
  • Understand the multiple channels to reach prospects
  • Create multi-faceted, value-based scripts to increase connection rates and conversations

Module 3: Networking and Social Selling

  • Understand best practices for creating and leveraging your network
  • Use “increased familiarity” to enhance social engagement and response rates
  • Develop consistent, value-based social interactions
  • Connect social engagement with other channels for more conversations

Module 4: Email Effectiveness

  • Develop targeted emails that provide value to prospects before making “The Ask”
  • Develop email templates using the AIM framework
  • Connect emails to other channels for a “force- multiplier” effect
  • Practice writing emails that increase your credibility

Module 5: Goal Calling, Voicemail, and Objection Handling through Practice and Role Playing

  • Review phone best practices such as mindset, research, preparation, and execution
  • Practice “goal” calling targeted at your prospect list
  • Develop scripts for voicemail effectiveness
  • Practice skills to pique interest in the first ten seconds when someone answers the phone
  • Practice NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques for handling common objections

Module 6: Cadence Development and Qualification

  • Use the Sphere of Engagement to activate the “multiplier effect”
  • Develop multi-faceted cadences to execute and track
  • Develop “content-heavy,” “value-focused,” and “social warming” cadences to engage prospects
  • Practice qualification techniques based on the ValueSelling Framework® to identify the greatest opportunities

Module 7: Activity Calculation and Preparation

  • Reverse engineer the activity levels necessary to achieve and beat your targets
  • Develop tools and tactics to create a repeatable approach to prospecting
  • Develop your own research approach and optimal tech stack to prospect at scale

Module 8: Time Blocking and Goal Setting

  • Review time blocking
  • Create a customized weekly plan to stay focused on your goals and deliver results
  • Create a personalized go-forward plan to optimize your prospecting schedule

Learning Outcomes:

  • Conduct research on target companies using provided tools in preparation for prospecting contacts
  • Prepare effective email, call, social selling, and voicemail scripts that are informed by your research
  • Gain your contact’s interest, create a sense of potential value, and ask for a definitive next step
  • Quickly move the contact through the steps to qualify how, or if, to proceed with the sales effort

ValueSelling Account Planning

Apply the ValueSelling Framework® to increase revenue from existing accounts and target new enterprise accounts.

ValueSelling Account Planning (VSAP) leverages the ValueSelling Framework® by using a common set of terminology and templates, including the Qualified Prospect Formula® and ValuePrompter®. The process is then expanded and applied to the account management process to look at the key components of managing strategic opportunities.

Training Options: Instructor-led or Virtual instructor-led
Program Duration: 1, 2-day workshop (Also available as a customized 1-hour to 1-day training component within the core ValueSelling Certification workshop)

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: ValueSelling Framework® Recap
  • Module 2: Review the ValueSelling Account Planning Tool
  • Module 3: Assess Our Account Planning Capabilities
  • Module 4: Buying Influences and Business Issues
  • Module 5: Quantifying Value and Building Rapport
  • Module 6: VisionMatch and Capabilities
  • Module 7: Opportunity Assessment and Pipeline Verification
  • Module 8: Dealing with Competition
  • Module 9: Developing the Pre-call ValuePrompter
  • Module 10: Account Strategies and Activities Report Back

Learning Outcomes:

  • Establish a base of business acumen to understand business opportunities and identify potential business Issues
  • Develop account plans to track opportunities and coordinate sales resources
  • Assess current sales opportunities for gaps and develop specific action plans to address these
  • Sharpen your focus on the account’s business objectives to identify potential business issues
  • Install a process and toolset to enable the development of additional account plans


Competitive Differentiation

Create value propositions that result in premium pricing. Leverage a simple process and tool to develop relevant messaging.

This workshop focuses on a proven process to differentiate yourself in a dynamic marketplace—whether you’re faced with a new product, new market, or new competitor. Apply ValueSelling’s repeatable process to your marketing materials by reverse-engineering the buyer’s requirements and creating a need for your unique capabilities over the competition.

Training Options: Instructor-led or Virtual instructor-led
Program Duration: 1-day workshop (Also available as a customized 1- to 4-hour training component within the core ValueSelling Certification workshop)

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: Sales Quota Obstacles
  • Module 2: ValueSelling Framework® Recap
  • Module 3: The Sale within a Sale
  • Module 4: Uncovering, Articulating, and Quantifying Value
  • Module 5: Mastering the Power Toolkit: Gaining and Maintaining Access to Power
  • Module 6: The Power of the Mutual Plan
  • Module 7: Creating Need and Differentiation
  • Module 8: Anxiety Questions
  • Module 9: Credibility Introductions
  • Module 10: ValuePrompter as a Presentation Outline

Learning Outcomes

  • Link your differentiators to the buyer’s problems
  • Create value propositions that result in premium pricing
  • Compete effectively in key market segments and revive product lines
  • Leverage a simple process and tool to develop relevant messaging