Do your sales reps possess the business acumen necessary to engage with executives?

Sales reps that have more meetings get more results. But securing a meeting requires optimal research about the prospect and company, and preparation to make the most of limited time with an executive.

Executive Speak™ is a blended learning program that includes:

Executive Speak focuses your team members by giving them:

  • A basic primer for business and financial acumen
  • Guidance on where and how to find relevant facts
  • An interactive tool to synthesize information and turn it into insight
  • A faster, more effective way to prepare for sales calls
  • A process for gaining access to decision makers
  • More conversations lead to more opportunities.

The 360° Profile Builder™

Avoid unnecessary time in the research vortex. The 360° Profile Builder™ leads you through 16 targeted questions to answer about your buyer. Then, the answers are mapped to the ValuePrompter, so you are ready to engage in more effective sales calls.

Investigate, predict and prepare to increase business acumen, sales rep confidence, and access to the corner office with Executive Speak.

  • Research and generate a profile about your target buyer
  • Efficiently investigate company, industry, finances and key people
  • Quickly analyze financial data to predict the health of a business


  • Apply the information gathered to predict likely business issues, problems, value and power
  • Think like an executive by spotting business issues versus problems
  • Predict what part of your solution will resonate with the buyer


  • Identify and prepare for meeting key decision makers with an engaging business conversation
  • Gain access to power with a tailored communications campaign
  • Establish your credibility
  • Prepare the right type of questions to gain the buyer’s point of view