Keep it simple. Drive results.


Embed the ValueSelling Framework® into your existing CRM and daily sales process

There is no better way to manage your opportunities than to enable the ValueSelling Framework® in the application where your sales reps already spend time managing and tracking their opportunities, accounts, and contacts.

The eValuePrompter® 6.4 is a cloud-based tool that integrates with any salesforce automation (SFA) or customer relationship management (CRM) system to:

  • Move opportunities forward. See where each deal is in the pipeline and what needs to be done to close them.
  • Improve adoption. Track who uses the methodology and the difference it makes in how your sales team delivers.
  • Measure performance. Maximize the return on your sales training and SFA/CRM investment.

Increase Sales Productivity

Integrated into daily sales activity, the eValuePrompter makes it faster to:

  • Prepare for calls
  • Capture critical information before, during and after calls
  • Qualify prospects
  • Generate Mutual Plan Letters
  • Close opportunities

The eValuePrompter® gives your team an easier way to qualify prospects, manage the details of opportunities, accurately forecast and close more deals.

Rely on the eValuePrompter® as:

  • The bridge between sales and marketing – Populate the eValuePrompter with the most recent, go-to-market information and insight
  • Online playbook – Empower your team to qualify prospects, conduct team selling, and executive a consistent sales process, more efficiently
  • Just-in-time coaching – Access “Helpful Hints” and “What Do I Do” fields throughout every aspect of the sales cycle

Use the eValuePrompter® to drive adoption and measure the difference the ValueSelling Framework® makes to your top and bottom line. Learn how you can incorporate the eValuePrompter into your CRM or SFA and achieve these types of results:

  • Sales reps, managers, and account teams trained on the ValueSelling Framework® realized an average of 65% increase in deal size, 9 months post-training.
  • Assessing the effectiveness, deals over $100K that used the eValuePrompter®grew 130% to 175% those that did not.