Keep it simple. Drive results.

The ValueSelling Manager Coach

Realize the Results

As a manager, you play a key role in driving the adoption of the ValueSelling Framework®. Shaping and participating in sales training. Inspecting and measuring progress. Coaching individuals to meet quota.

Once the initial ValueSelling Framework® workshop is complete, it’s time to drive adoption that leads to results. Your roIe lives and dies with Front line management and their ability to utilize and master the ValueSelling Framework® and specific tools and skills. Manager-driven reinforcement is where the rubber hits the road.

Installing ValueSelling Manager Coach is critical to realize results and to blend ValueSelling concepts into your organization and existing sales processes.

Skills You’ll Gain:

  • Integrating the ValueSelling Framework® into the management process
  • Best practices for coaching and tools to use as you provide feedback to sales reps
  • Creating a tailored and manageable daily, weekly, monthly, yearly implementation plan
  • Aligning with business metrics and measuring the right things to show a return on investment

This is an ideal one-day workshop:

  • You’ve just finished implementing the ValueSelling Framework® workshop with your team
  • You’ve implemented the ValueSelling Framework®, and you’re new to your role as a sales manager
  • You attended this workshop long ago, and you want a refresh with this updated program

Attend The ValueSelling Manager Coach and maximize the return on investment in yourself and your team.