Keep it simple. Drive results.

ValueSelling Framework®

Whether field direct sales or inside sales, you must use your selling time wisely. Fill the pipeline. Qualify people in and out. Focus your efforts on the hottest prospects. The pressures continue to mount.

There has to be a simpler way. Our suggestion is to go with what works: the ValueSelling Framework®. Keep it simple, drive results.

Create great teams by developing the skills and behaviors to:


Qualify prospects faster


Sell on value, not price


Drive purposeful conversations


Match solutions to business issues


Motivate prospects to act sooner


Gain access to decision-makers

Meet and Exceed Quota

Our workshops are not just a feel-good break (though we pride ourselves on having a good time) from daily selling. We review what works and you learn how to do it – how to better engage with customers, how to discover what they value, how to link your solutions to their world and how to increase your ability to forecast with confidence.

The ValueSelling Framework is easy to implement from Day 1, in-class, and back at the office. Best of all, it enables you to stand above the crowd.

How It Works

The ValueSelling Framework program provides sales and customer-facing professionals with a proven process and tools to engage, qualify, advance, and close the sale. Each program is tailored to your organization, your industry, your client set, and your role.

Workshops feature hands-on, interactive exercises that build the “muscle memory” of newly developed skills. Then, follow-on reinforcement solidifies your skills.