Keep it simple. Drive results.

How do you make your training stick?

Everyone knows the hardest thing to do is to change old habits and adopt new best practices. After investing in ValueSelling training, how do you drive adoption and make sure that they actually do what they learned? We have a solution – ValueSelling@Work® reinforcement program. It’s the bridge between the classroom and your next sales call.

The ValueSelling@Work reinforcement program helps your sales force build skills, gain confidence, and achieve results directly after the classroom experience. Practicing their new skills right away leads to early successes. The mobile-first microlearning modules provide frequent focus on a new ValueSelling principle. Each topic is a valuable reminder to help retain the techniques and skills learned. Action steps, key points, and printable job aids are included with each microlearning topic.

ValueSelling@Work is only available to those who have been through ValueSelling training.

Focuses on key ValueSelling Framework concepts.

  • Applying the Opportunity Assessment Tool™
  • Pre-Call/Next Call Planning with a ValuePrompter®
  • The Value of the Mutual Plan Letter
  • Begin with the End in Mind
  • Identifying Business Issues
  • Become a Problem Expert
  • Creating Solutions with Your Customers
  • Deliberate Differentiation
  • Uncover Personal Value
  • Uncover Business Value
  • Identify Who has Power
  • Bargaining for Access to Power
  • Using Anxiety Questions
  • Continuous Re-Qualification
  • ValueSelling@Work Coaching Guide for Sales Managers: Leverage a coaching guide that maps to the sales rep topics.