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What is ValueSelling?



Management Alignment

Aligning with existing objectives and strategies, we colloborate with you on a change management approach to implementing a sales process and methodology.  Beyond a training initiative, successfully installing a sales management process includes integration into current processes and tools, communication, rewards and recognition along with a measurement system to insure RoI on your investment.

Customized (Tailored) Program Development

Our instructor-led workshops feature tailoried curriculum and case studies developed specifically for your sales and marketing teams.

Ongoing Reinforcement

Immediately utilize the ValueSelling Framework® on the job with our reinforcement tools: Coaching support, eValuePrompter® CRM/ SFA, mobile applications, micro eLearnings, video reinforcement, pod casts, webinars, and custom specialized workshops.

Performance Assessments

We employ a variety of methods for determining whether a salesperson has attained sufficient mastery of essential knowledge, learning, and skills. Well-constructed performance assessments are proven to be extremely useful for measuring salesforce growth and guiding future learning.

Blended Learning

We blend live workshops with the eValueSelling Fundamentals® online course that are designed to introduce the fundamental concepts of the ValueSelling Framework®. This greatly enhances the leader led training by allowing each participant to understand the principles and tools of ValueSelling. For the sales management, eValueSelling ensures teams that everyone is familiar with certain concepts and terminology and are coming to the leader-led workshop prepared.

Whether you’re an executive sales leader, sales manager or sales rep, the ValueSelling Framework® creates a common language for greater forecast accuracy, powerful deal reviews, and more effective coaching.

Accelerate Sales Results
Realize higher productivity
Upskill your entire organization

JB is an expert in delivering the ValueSelling Framework®, a proven formula for accelerating sales results.

The ValueSelling Framework is a simple, common sense process to manage the conversation with prospects and customers, and develop a mutual understanding regarding how you and your organization can add value to the buyer and their business.

With this conversational framework, you can compete confidently on value, not price, using a time-tested, easy-to-adopt methodology with decades of proven results.

Its simplicity allows you and your team to:

Increase revenue
Increase attach rates
Increase margins
Grow deal size
Access decision-makers
Close bigger deals faster
Increase forecast accuracy
Shorten sales cycles

The ValueSelling Framework is a simple, common sense approach that includes repeatable steps that fit into your existing sales routine. The ValueSelling Framework is the first and only methodology with a tool set integrated throughout the entire sales cycle. The tool set saves time, effort and resources in all selling situations.

Embracing the ValueSelling Framework, you can:

Rigorously qualify prospects and eliminate the “no decision” sales cycle
Efficiently prepare to maximize and improve the quality of your sales calls
Ask purposeful, deliberate questions, with the right people at the right time
Effectively differentiate the breadth of your products and services
Build insightful prospect profiles that increase your credibility

“The ValueSelling Framework is relevant to all sales environments and customer-facing roles. In fact, leading enterprises use the ValueSelling Framework as a common language, process and playbook across all divisions, globally.”

In a world where everyone “sells,” this proven approach has been successfully adopted throughout roles in:

Strategic Accounts
Business Development
Product management
Customer service

The delivery of the ValueSelling Framework includes a tailored mix of on-demand eLearning courses, live instructor-led workshops and video reinforcement on nearly every continent and in over 16 languages.

Adults acquire skills most effectively by doing, our programs are participant centered and activity-based, not lectures. We work with you to tailor custom workshops and case studies that create the foundation to apply the ValueSelling skills through a simulated sales situation.

Our facilitators are former sales leaders who bring the ValueSelling concepts and principles with credible real-world stories and expertise.

To discover more about how the ValueSelling Framework process works, contact us.

We will contact you to discuss what’s going on in your business and discover together whether the ValueSelling Framework is the right solution for your organization and if there is value in taking next steps.

The ValueSelling Framework—keep it simple, drive results