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Who We Serve


Think sales training is only for salespeople?

As a customer-facing professional, your interactions with prospects and customers matter. Today, everybody is in “sales,” whether you’re selling to a strategic account or to executive leadership.

All departments play a vital role in new customer acquisition and expansion of existing accounts, yet they rarely share a common framework and language focused on accelerating each stage of the revenue funnel — until now.

Leveraging the ValueSelling Framework® as the foundation, we work with teams across the enterprise to create a revenue vortex, accelerating the process of finding, qualifying, educating, selling, and closing new opportunities.

Attention to Strategic Partnership

Today’s buyer loses patience without the realization of the business value they seek.

In today’s digital era, buyers no longer need us to walk them through the ins and outs of our products. With a quick search, they can find all the information they require on our company, products, and services, not to mention our competitors. They can view demos, download white papers, read reviews, and even research our competition.

Has technology made us, as sales professionals, irrelevant? Of course not.

Buyers don’t want to talk to salespeople that are unprepared and lack skills, but they are happy to partner and engage with salespeople who are smart, prepared to add value, and position themselves as industry experts.

World-class salespeople don’t sell faster, they sell smarter. As a result, they win more frequently.

Selling successfully in today’s market is to be a valuable resource who knows how to ask the right questions, uncover each client’s unique business challenges, and create tailored, differentiated solutions that will deliver the ROI they want and the business impact their clients are investing in.

Buyers don’t always know what they need and as a result, don’t know how to buy and sift through the mind-numbing number of options.  It begins with a business issue they need to address and problems they must resolve. It is a challenge to determine which solution will deliver on the promise of realizing the results and impact on their business.

Our goal is to have a clear and well-rounded understanding of where the buyer is now, where they ultimately need to be, and the business impact when they get there.

Executive Leadership

  • Improve predictability in your revenue stream
  • Enable communication across the organization
  • Improve processes to increase efficiency

Chief Revenue Officer

  • Deliver a common, business-based, value-focused language across teams
  • Increase sales productivity with effective tools
  • Increase the number of individuals achieving their targets

Sales Leadership

  • Drastically reduce the number of deals lost due to ‘price’
  • Leverage a proven process to manage conversations and level skill sets across teams
  • Increase forecast accuracy and evaluation of opportunities

Channel Sales

  • Accelerate sales cycles across the entire channel
  • Decrease time to onboard new partners and put them on a path to productivity
  • Align with a common sales methodology, extending your reach

Inside Sales

  • Leverage emerging best practices in outbound sales strategy, processes, and tactics
  • Increase the number of conversions from outbound cold-calling
  • Develop a multi-channel action plan to create a more predictable funnel

 Direct Sales

  • Increase business acumen, making it easier to speak in a language buyers will understand
  • Uncover the buyer’s definition of value and connect your solutions to their need
  • Increase overall deal sizes and product attach rates
  • Decrease length of sales cycle while increasing Customer Lifetime Value

Strategic & Account-based Sales

  • Share a common language to increase productivity and reduce miscommunication
  • Evaluate accounts, uncover more new opportunities and increase win percentages
  • Increase CLV by developing deeper relationships based on trust and mutually agreed-upon action plans


  • Implement a consistent customer experience across the entire buying journey
  • Design messaging positioning and strategic content to maximize competitive differentiation
  • Generate more productive one-to-many conversations, improving lead quality

Professional Services

  • Identify new opportunities and shorten cycles to new contracts
  • Develop a relationship of trust, based on business and personal value
  • Communicate effectively internally about the status of accounts and projects

Client-facing Teams

  • Deliver an unrivaled, value-based experience for customers
  • Think like an executive by staying focused on business issues and problems
  • Work closely with sales to identify and close new opportunities